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Athletic Mouth Guards

Mouth Guard Dentist Gaithersburg, Potomac, Rockville

Junior Football Team

Even the most careful player can be injured in a high-impact sport like football, hockey, wrestling, or lacrosse, resulting in painful, expensive dental injuries. We have seen broken teeth, lacerated lips, and broken jaws from the field. If you should be wearing a helmet, you should be wearing a mouth guard. Other high-intensity sports with hard balls and/or player-to-player contact like basketball are also important times to wear a mouth guard. A custom-fitted mouth guard provides optimal protection to your teeth, evenly distributing any forces so that one tooth does not suffer the full impact. Teeth can be injured by being pushed in, twisted, or even coming out completely. Mouth guards also prevent your teeth from cutting your lip or damaging your tongue upon impact. These kind of painful, expensive dental emergencies are easily preventable by regular use of a mouth guard during high-impact sports. 


Custom mouth guards can be made in an array of colors to show team spirit, or clear to be more discreet. It is made of a soft plastic that absorbs and distributes high impact forces.


Custom fitted athletic mouth guards can cost $150-200. 


If you or anyone in your family plays high intensity sports, schedule an appointment to have a custom mouth guard made!

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