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What is a dental crown? 

A dental crown, sometimes referred to as a “cap,” is a tooth-shaped restoration that covers your tooth all the way around. It restores the function and esthetics of your tooth while preventing further deterioration. Crowns help fix broken and decayed teeth, providing 360 degree protection that regular fillings cannot achieve. The surface of a crown can break, but it cannot decay. The margin between the crown and the tooth can decay if plaque bacterial is allowed to build up near the gumline. 


Crowns can be made of porcelain, metal, ceramic, or a combination of the three. The dental world is always innovating new materials, and Taira Dentistry stays up to date with the field to bring you the latest proven materials and techniques. 


Signs that you might need a crown

  • Your tooth is chipped, fractured, broken, or decayed

  • You lost a lot of tooth structure for any reason

  • Your tooth is susceptible to further fracture

  • Your posterior (back) tooth had a root canal treatment

  • You want to improve the esthetics of your teeth


How does a crown last?

The average dental crown lasts 7-10 years, but just like a car, mileage varies. Your crown’s longevity varies based on many factors, including how much tooth you originally had left, how you take care of the crown, and the crown’s position in your mouth. 


It is very important to brush and floss around your crown, because the margin between your tooth and the crown is susceptible to decay. 


How do I get a crown? 

Your dentist will carefully diagnose and evaluate your dental needs. A crown is a multiple-visit procedure, since crowns are custom made for you. If the dentist determines that your tooth could benefit from a crown, s/he will numb your tooth and then carefully prepare and shape it so that a crown can fit over it. The dentist will make an impression (mold) of the tooth with either a digital scanning machine or a plastic putty material. S/he will fabricate a temporary crown to protect the tooth from sensitivity, hold the space, and condition your gums to be ready for the final crown. If your temporary crown comes off, notify your dentist right away. Your dentist will send your impression to a dental lab with a prescription detailing the exact specifications and requirements of your crown based on your needs. 

At the next visit, your crown will be fit-checked to ensure that it sits completely flush, contacts your adjacent teeth in a proper manner, and fits in harmony with the rest of your bite. The dentist will cement your crown to your tooth, let it cure, and then remove the excess cement. This second visit can often be done without anesthesia, but you can request anesthesia if your tooth is sensitive. Your tooth is now restored in form and function! 

In the Gaithersburg, Potomac, and Rockville areas, crowns can cost anywhere between $1200-2500, depending on the type of crown and materials used. 

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