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I almost became a journalist

I actually spent a long time wondering if I wanted to pursue a career in journalism. I was heavily involved in my high school's yearbook and newspaper, but come college application time, I opted for dentistry, as my desire to be in the healthcare field while pursuing a lifelong journey of full-contact arts-and-crafts came out on top.

Dentistry was a subtle but powerful theme in my childhood. As a child, I spent weekends going to my father's practice, inflating "handy balloons" from gloves and scanning my hands in the copier. The highlights of my week were eating lunch at Lakeforest mall after my dad finished work.

I always liked crafts. I made tiny wooden furniture, intricate wire jewelry, pottery, paper twirling, origami, knitting/crocheting projects, name it, I did it. To this day, I'm still clearing old arts and crafts from my house. #MarieKondo-ing it up in there. If I can find some photos, I'll add them later! :)

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